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How to Design A Logo: Tips for Selecting A Powerful Brandmark

Designing a logo seems to be an easy task, generally considered as making a circle and putting in the company’s name in it, but when we talk about professional logo designs, the logo needs to represent the professionalism. If you want to make your logo worth the money your client is paying you, you need to design it taking it as a symbol of a company, not just as drawing mark. Having a good logo is essential for an institution whether it is business firms or other organizations. Companies do not pay for logo just to have any symbol but the logo needs to meet their standards of work representing their field, it needs to be eye-catching so that the symbol of the company can be recognized by the public. That is why special attention is given to logo designs so that they are able to market company’s name through a symbol.  This article highlights the important key factors which can help you design an outstanding logo for your clients like a professional, making them trust your capabilities and skills.

Conveying Your Message Through Your Logo:

The thing which I find the most fascinating about logos are their clever way of communication through their symbols. When a picture is used which represents the idea of the company as well as conveys another message at the same time, which in total shows what the company is about and how they are attracting their customers.

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Let’s take this logo for an example, the picture shows a thumb pin which is used on the maps for marking a location which represents the idea where people can have good wines at and also the picture of thumb pin is like wine glass upside down which shows what the company is about. This is how two messages are conveyed by the logo at the same time.

Use of Colors:

Colors are very important when designing a logo because through colors communication of the concept can be done. If a logo contains an image of mountains, if the colors of the mountains are green, it shows that the place where the location of the company is somewhere near the green mountains and if the mountains are in brown colors, it shows that the location is somewhere on the barren land where rocky and mountains are. Just like the logo of Zion, which communicates the idea where the locality of the place is and what is the landscape of the place is.

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 Staying Away from the Cliché Trends:

There are always trends of the logo which goes according to the time, like anchor logo which was in fashion for a long period of time. but the thing about following a trend in a logo is that a trend goes away with the time, but the logo becomes the symbol of the company. If the company’s symbol would be similar to other companies, it will take away the standard of the logo you design and your client after some time will regret their decisions of taking services from you. That is why it is important to be unique when we talk about designing logos so that your logo stands out no matter what is in the fashion.

Custom Typing:

One of the very successful but difficult types of logo designs contains custom typing of the name of the company. It takes certain skills to create this kind of logo, but the good thing about this logo is that it becomes the permanent identity of the company, like the logo of CocaCola. The difficult thing about this logo is the typeface which is used in the logo because the same typeface can be copied by others as well which is why the logo you design needs to be outstanding among all the copies.

Simplicity is the Key:

Take a look at logos of famous companies like Nike, Apple, Samsung or Adidas, what you will find in common of all the logos that they are simple. They are not too fancy or too decorated, they are designed with very simple and basic things like Apple, with a missing bite or just a tick. These things make their logo unique which could be used for decades and still, there will be no problem of having similar logos. The simplicity will give you an opportunity to design a logo which will always be different and eye-catching.

Spacing Makes A Difference:

It is fascinating about the little but clever ways through which logo designers create images just by the addition or eliminating spaces between the letters and pictures which gives a whole other meaning to the logo. Let’s take the logo of FedEx, for example, if we look at the logo simply, we will see the words written only but when we pay attention to the letters of Fed Ex, we can see an arrow pointing towards the right side just by eliminating the space between the letters.

Background of your Logo:

Logos which have a good background story make the symbol of the company strong and appealing. Like the logo of Apple, it has a bite missing from it which actually is a clever and good background. That is why coming up with a background story can help you gain professionalism in logo designing and it will also convince your client that you possess skills which other normal logo designers don’t have because it represents your involvement in your work.

Making logos are not a big of a deal but making good ones with strong messages truly represents one’s skills and talent. These mentioned tips and guidelines will help you to design your logo like a professional and please your clients believing in you.

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