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10 Gifts Ideas For Graphic Designers

Exchange of gifts is an excellent way of expressing your love and gratitude to people. However, giving perfumes, books and chocolates is an old and usual idea. The more creative your gift is the ore it shows the amount of effort you put into selecting it for the specific person. Another thing to keep in mind while giving gifts to your loved ones is their personality and interests. An introvert might like something opposite to what an extrovert does. Similarly, a doctor would have a different liking than that of an artist.

The most difficult people to give a creative and thoughtful gift are the artists and designers. These are the people with extremely creative ideas and it is hard to select an appropriate gift for them. However here we have compiled a list of gift ideas for graphic designers.

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Graphics tablet

Graphics tablet comes with a stylus and it is the latest in technology. If your designer friend does not have that as yet, get them one of these. It is an excellent device to draw, create, animate and revise the designs. Designers can also directly create the design on the PC by drawing on this graphics tablet and connecting it to the PC.

3D Doodler 2.0

Doodling is an important part f every artist’s life. 3D doodler is a doodling pen which creates 3D designs. It is exactly what a graphic designer would love to have. Gift your graphic designer friend a 3D doodling pen and you would see them spending hours with your gift.

Field Notes notebook

Field notes is something every designer makes. All of them have a specific notebook or journal which they carry all the time and use to make their field notes. Field notes help them to make sure they are storing the ideas of new designs somewhere. If you are looking for gifts graphic designer ideas then field notes notebook is an excellent thin to gift them.

Extra storage/backup drives

Designers are always in need of extra storage. Their work is their biggest asset hence having a proper backup of it is essential for them. You can gift an extra storage drive like a hard drive to them. It is an excellent gift to give to graphic designers.

Power dock station

Graphic designers are the people who have to be in front of the screen of the phone, tablet or laptop most of the time. Since these devices need to be charged to the area around power sockets is nothing less than a mess at homes and offices of these people. Power dock station will help them to keep their devices in an organized manner while being at the charge.

Headphone amplifier

Designers listen to music to increase their productivity and creativity. The headphone amplifier is easily functional at small workstations as well. These are designed with high-impedance but low-sensitivity which makes it the best for designers to use while they work and create new designs.

Big-big cursor

Using the pen-type stylus for touchable devices is too old school. Big-big cursor comes in the shape of a cursor and gloved finger. It is a cool accessory especially for graphic designers since they have to draw designs using the stylus and this would prove as an excellent gift.

Touch gloves

Touch gloves is an excellent gift for the people who live in cold areas or in the areas where some part of the year tends to get cold so much so that people require gloves to fight it. Touch gloves let the owner use their touchable devices without having to take off their gloves. Graphic designers’ work is constantly on their devices so these gloves will prove to be extremely helpful and useful for them.

Computer glasses

Computer glasses are special kind of glasses which help to protect the eyes from glare. These are made from special kind of lenses and since designers have to stare at the screens for a long period of time, therefore, these glasses are an excellent gift idea. It will help them to work for long time periods without any eye strain.

A paid subscription to valuable courses

Just like there is no end to knowledge in the world similarly, there is no end to what a graphic designer can learn. With time, the world is advancing and new designs and designing techniques keep getting introduced. There are a lot of valuable and internationally recognized courses for graphic designing. If your friend is keen on learning new techniques, you can always gift them a paid subscription to any of these courses.

Graphic designers are creative people who get attracted to creative stuff, therefore; gifting them is often hard for people. The 10 ideas mentioned above are excellent things according to the graphic design trends 2019 predictions and since 2019 is almost here, your friend would love to have these stuff and stay updated.

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