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Create Magnificent Event Tickets With UAE Best-Rated Event Ticket Creator

While hosting an event, the ticket details matter! And relying on an outdated school graphic design isn't going to take you anywhere. We are the best event ticket designer in UAE that develops customized and professional-level tickets, which are just more than an entry pass. They look fabulous and convey every detail in a glimpse. And the best part? You need to have no graphic design knowledge at all.

" Brilliant event ticket designs by them!

"I had a festival coming up and arranged it on a huge scale. I hired a designer before but didn't like what he delivered, so I hired this event ticket designing service in UAE. And surely, they delivered brilliant event tickets to me. The text was perfectly placed according to the hierarchy, the colors were readable, and it looked so nice."

Yumna RabiEvent Planner
Yumna Rabi

Why This Event Ticket Designer
Can Be The Best Choice In UAE

For over the last 10 years, we have customized tickets for several customers. Hence we know what your ticket requires to make a splash! Trust our in-house team of professional event ticket designers - they know how to breathe life into concepts.

Easy On Eyes DesignsEasy-On-Eyes Designs

Thou, we know, simple is more, but that doesn't mean we supply humdrum designs to the clients. We strike a balance between creativity and simplicity. The fonts, colors and information is placed with proper planning that follows the eye hierarchy.

Captures EventCaptures Event's Essence

The heart of the event is surely depicted through the ticket design to give a sneak peek of what your audience would miss if they didn't join your event. And that's the reason why tickets designed by us are known for surging sales.

Back Of TicketBack Of The Ticket

Many event tickets designing services overlook the design's backside, while we take that as an opportunity to reveal more stats and valuable information to motivate the attendees. We know how to think outside of the box.


While UAE's largest event organizers can trust our event ticket designing company, what's stopping you from placing an order with us? We facilitate every type of design and complexity through our event ticket designer services in Dubai.

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Ticket Design Services In Dubai

From Demure To Glitzy - We Design Every Type Of Event Ticket At Lowest Costs In UAE

While navigating through our website, it's important to dump all your budget-related concerns. That's because we offer professional event ticket designing services in UAE at the lowest prices. Habibis across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, and Fujairah trust us when they need an online event ticket creator.

Logo DesignerSTANDARD399د.إ299د.إOrder NowSTARTUP599د.إ499د.إOrder NowENTREPRENEUR899د.إ799د.إOrder NowPROFESSIONAL1099د.إ999د.إOrder NowPREMIUM CORPORATE1299 د.إ1199د.إOrder Now
Logo Concepts34610Unlimited
No of Revisions444UnlimitedUnlimited
Dedicated Designers223Dedicated TeamDedicated Team
Final Files Formats(Ai, PSD, PDF, SVG, EPS, Jpeg, PNG, Tiff)(Ai, PSD, PDF, SVG, EPS, Jpeg, PNG, Tiff)(Ai, PSD, PDF, SVG, EPS, Jpeg, PNG, Tiff)(Ai, PSD, PDF, SVG, EPS, Jpeg, PNG, Tiff)(Ai, PSD, PDF, SVG, EPS, Jpeg, PNG, Tiff)
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3 Steps Haul To Hire This
UAE's Event Ticket Designing Agency

Want to design event tickets with the expert creators working with us? Well, that's a great decision. Here's a quick overview of 3 steps involved in hiring this UAE's event ticket designing agency in Dubai, UAE.

1.Speak about your requirements

Tell the event ticket creators about your event, your design requirements and what you expect as an outcome. Supply as much information as you can so we can exceed your expectations.

2.Design draft and approval

Considering your requirements, we designed event tickets for you, and the draft is shared with you. As a client, you can play with colors and object placement until you are fully satisfied with the results.

3.Final delivery

Once you tell us 'No changes are required', we make the final delivery and mark the order completed. You are finally ready to launch your ticket in the market and create a hurly-burly!

Positive Reviews Are The Brightest Reward : Best Event Ticket Designers In UAE

Positive reviews are The brightest rewards for a legit service like our event ticket designing service. We have gathered some positive words from clients below. Navigate through the reviews to breathe a sense of relief.

Bud Ivy

“Supremely satisfied with this event ticket designing agency in Abu Dhabi! They have over-delivered what was committed. From helping me choose the right colors to the text and everything else, I had a great time working with them.”

- Bud Ivy
Booth Qazi

“Your event ticket creators have proved to be outstanding! They were so helpful throughout the whole time and assisted with designing and content as well. I just had to tell them what I wanted, and they delivered me better than what I was expecting.”

- Booth Qazi
Muhammad Shakeel

“Considering the prices of this UAE's event ticket designer service, I doubted them for sure. But when I spoke to them, all my doubts were cleared! And I was pretty satisfied that I was investing in the right people. Hats off to their design and communication skills.”

- Muhammad Shakeel
Shadab Rafi

“I am a design noob with no knowledge about this event ticket design! But skills, while working with their event ticket designers, I felt so much satisfied. It was as if I was managing the whole procedure. Indeed, best event ticket designer service!”

- Shadab Rafi
Yaqoob Hari

“A very easy-to-use and quick event ticket designing service. Everything was smooth, and I really liked their drafts. Every draft they pitched me was equally appealing. Hence, deciding which one to choose was hard, but finally, I did it! Great service.”

- Yaqoob Hari
Adeel Bhatti

“Highly satisfied with this online event ticket designing service in Dubai!! I wasn't expecting such quick and on-time delivery as I placed an order on very short notice. Thanks a lot for saving my day and yet not charging a million bucks. Highly appreciated.”

- Adeel Bhatti
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tickets for sure!

Just place your order with this Dubai's event ticket designing agency and leave the rest to us.

Custom Design Tickets Speak To Specialist

Excite Your Event Attendees
With This Customized Event Ticket Creator In UAE

Design Event Tickets In Such An Innovative Manner
That No Habibi Can Ever Forget!

Whether a big concert or just a small gathering, whenever you plan an event, designing informative and eye-catching tickets holds great importance. This small piece of paper can be the decisive factor for your event's success. You can get well-designed event tickets from our artistic team to create hype among the audience and convey the necessary information to them. Tickets will be custom-tailored as per your desired requirements.

We are a highly experienced event ticket designing company that holds special expertise in crafting passes, vouchers, or even coupons of all kinds. You can expect our event ticket designers to come up with products that are both practical and visually appealing. It is important to focus on how good your tickets look, as they are the key to your event's successful start. We promise durable and vibrant tickets with a nice sheen to the paper.

Having a creative team of genius designers by your side can make sure that you and your event stand out and make a strong impression on every attendee. You already have so many things to manage, like decorations, entertainment, refreshments, and much more. Leave the responsibility of custom-printed event tickets on us. We will create a bubble of authenticity around your event with tickets that can draw in more people.

Customized Event Ticket In UAE
Top Event Tickets Designers

Move On From Outdated Designs And Get Trendy Event Tickets From UAE's Top Designers

We proudly claim the title of UAE's leading event ticket creators because, unlike others, we do not use existing templates for every ticket. The easiest way is to pick one template and change its layout and colors for every order. However, this is not how we operate. For us, every project starts with a blank canvas, and we design something unique that goes in line with your vision. So, if you want bespoke event tickets, then this is the place to be.

For corporate events, we design tickets that are simple but still pack a serious punch of professionalism. On the other hand, for entertainment events, we know how to craft tickets that are funky and match the vibe. Our event ticket designers do not shy away from taking bold risks while designing, and this is the reason why we always end up creating classic masterpieces. If you think something is missing, we are here to make the edits for free.

We are a different event ticket designing agency that does not create ordinary passes. We design extraordinary tickets that can easily impress your audience and convert them into attendees of the event. The best part is that whether you are planning something on a bigger scale or smaller scale, our prices are so affordable that they will never test your financial limits. From creative designing to flawless printing and instant shipping, we are a complete package.

FAQs That Will Convince You To Hire Us To Design Your Event Tickets In UAE

Yes, we are capable of designing tickets for every type of event occurring in UAE. Be it a concert, function, festive day or anything else - our event ticket designers can do it all for you. Just let us know about your requirements and leave the rest to us.
The prices of designing depend upon the customer's requirements. For instance, the charges might vary if a customer requires something very bold and loud. But if one needs something minimalistic, the charges might be slightly lower.
We can be as quick as you want. The pace of our event ticket designers depends on your deadline. In our decade-long experience, we have seen several deadlines and conquered them all. Also, our streamlined production prevents unnecessary delays.
Getting customers involved and asking for their feedback at the design stage is a part of our working process. You will receive the initial mock-ups and will be allowed to get as many revisions as you want. Plus, there are no extra charges for the edits.
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