Simple Guide To Design Your Website More Engaging For Your Customers


The website is the most important element of any online business. It is probably the first impression of any brand on the customers who shop online frequently. The website is the modern version of traditional shops and almost all the great brands operate both traditionally as well as online on the basis of websites. However, not every business is able to retain the visitors on the website. The most important factor which plays a vital role in the retaining of visitors on the website is the design of the website.

Keep it simple

Keeping things simple is the basic and most important factor. The entire purpose of online platforms is to make things easier and more convenient for consumers. Therefore, there is no point of making websites complicated and tough to use as the consumers are looking for convenience and ease. Often people get off the simple design for the sake of creativity which affects website engagement and lead generations and conversions.

Visible and easy navigation

The website must have simple and easy navigation so that the customers do not have to invest too much time and effort in the navigation. The navigation tabs should be clearly visible on the website and easy to use. In most cases, the Custom Logo Design has added to navigation tabs the first thing on the website so that the customers’ web experience stays excellent and as engaging as possible.

Visible call to action button

The buttons for a call to action should be clearly visible. Make them in an enhanced design so that thee customers can easily identify them and use them if needed. A lot of o times, website designers forget to make the buttons clearly identifiable which creates confusion among the visitors and consumers.

Subtle but relevant content

The content on the website should be relevant and informative but it should not be too congested. Maintain a limit of the content on the website so that the visitors do not get too overwhelmed with the amount of content present on a single web page. However, the content should be informative and according to the requirements of the visitors. It is important that the visitors find their required information on your website otherwise the engagement gets affected.

Include enough white space

Include enough white space on the website as it makes the website look spacious and easier to read. All the latest website designs include a lot of white space as it makes the site more user-friendly. White space helps to avoid any sort of distractions on the website and makes it easier for the users to focus on the purpose for which they are there. You can include white space anywhere on the page whether between two pictures or between two lines.

Wise color coordination

The use of colors on the website plays a vital role in audience engagement and impression. Understand your targeted audience and their perception regarding different colors. Different people in the world have different perceptions regarding colors and you must make sure that you do not offend your targeted audience with your color choice.

Clear font style

The style of font that you use on the website should be clear and trendy. Do your research about the trending font styles as well as the font that is used on the business cards. Maintaining a similar font on the website and business cards ensure brand consistency and leave a positive impact. Additionally, the font should be easily readable and clear instead of complicated styles and designs.

Add videos and images

Add relevant videos and images on the websites to make the content look more interesting so that the visitors maintain their focus easily. However, make sure you are not images and videos that are overshadowing the text. The text is more important because the visitors are looking for answers and if the text gets hidden by the videos and images, it will create a negative impact. Images should not be too big, similarly, the videos should always be included on mute so that opening the website does not cause the disturbance in the surroundings of the user.

Section division

Divide the webpage in subtle sections to make it look organized. An organized web page’s readability is quite high which makes it extremely user-friendly. Therefore, sections will help to increase the readability of your webpage and the users would find it more engaging.

User feedback

Always remember that feedbacks are important and you must always work on them. With the help of feedback, you can get a clearer idea of what exactly is your customer expecting from you. Also, make sure to work on the suggestions given by the customers.

Website design plays an important part in the overall user experience. The ten basic tips help in developing a website which is user-friendly and enhances business growth of the brand.

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